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General Terms and Conditions

§ 1 General Provisions

  1. The ‘Stodola’ Club (hereinafter ‘Venue’) is administrated by Stowarzyszenie Centralny Klub Studentów Politechniki Warszawskiej ‘Stodola’.
  2. The Venue is intended to organize cultural events, which are not subject to the provisions of the Act about the Safety of mass events.
  3. These Regulations (hereinafter ‘Regulations’) are apply to the all Venue area.
  4. The entry to the Venue is equivalent to reading and accepting the provisions of these Regulations.

§ 2 Entrance to Venue

  1. The right to entry the Venue has a person with a valid admission Ticket or another document enabling access to the Event.
  2. The Ticket’s validity and utility regulated by the general terms and circumstances of Ticket purchase appropriate for the Event Organizer.
  3. The Ticket entitles the holder to one-time entry to the Venue.

§ 3 Safety Rules

  1. The security service is authorized to refuse entry or request the person to leave the Venue who is not incompliance with terms of these Regulation, particularly in cases justified by security any reasons.
  2. Before entry to the Venue, at the request of an authorized representative of the Organizer, persons are obligated to submit to the control of documents to confirm identity.
  3. The security service is authorized to view the contents of luggage and clothing of the persons entering to the Venue.
  4. At the Venue is located the monitoring. Each person’s staying on the Venue consents to being filmed or taped their image.
  5. The persons who staying on the Venue are obligated to behave in a manner that does not threaten security of other persons, particularly to comply with the provisions of these Regulations and Event Regulations and submit the orders of the security service and Organizer’s employees.
  6. It is forbidden to bring in and possess on the Venue:
    1. weapons or other dangerous items;
    2. explosives;
    3. pyrotechnic articles;
    4. flammable materials;
    5. alcoholic beverages, except for those which purchased and consumed at the Venue;
    6. food items, except for those which purchased and consumed at the Venue;
    7. glass objects;
    8. large dimension items, including suitcases and large backpacks;
    9. drugs and psychotropic substances;
    10. tripods, monopods or telescopic boom (selfie sticks);
    11. masts and poles use for exposure the flags and banners;
    12. or any other items that could be dangerous.
  7. The persons who staying in the Venue must not use the balaclavas or other forms of masking the face to prevent identification by security and police services.
  8. Moreover, it is forbidden to:
    1. entering to the zones not intended for Attendees, particularly the stage, front of house engineer, backstage, dressing rooms, gastronomic backroom;
    2. throwing any objects;
    3. running the activities to make a profit, including sales, acquisitions, advertising and promotional activities and carrying out the fundraiser without permission of the Organizer;
    4. kindle a fire;
    5. bringing animals to the Venue;
    6. entering to the balcony with foods and drinks;
    7. blocking access to the emergency exits;
    8. destruction of devices, equipment’s, signs and information boards, advertising located on the Venue;
    9. climbing on structural and architectural elements;
    10. using political slogans or emblems with racist and xenophobic content which may be hostile to a democratic constitution and demonstrating the radical views also through the gestures;
    11. standing on the chairs;
    12. sitting on the handrail;
    13. smoking and using tobacco products or electronic cigarettes at the Venue, except for the designated areas.
  9. The security service is authorized to refuse entry or request to leave the Venue a person who poses a threat her- or himself or other persons of the Venue.
  10. The entry to the Venue is forbidden to persons who have no access issued by the Organizer.

§ 4 Liability

  1. The Attendees of the Event entry to the Venue at their own risk. The manager of the Venue is not responsible for damage to objects and loss of health or life as a result an efforts third parties.
  2. The responsibility of Venue’s manager and Venue’s employees during the Event does not apply in cases caused by the fault the above-mentioned persons or due to non-compliance with applicable Regulations.
  3. The persons who are staying on the Venue is responsible for consequences of any activities in compliance with applicable laws.
  4. The material liability for caused damage should be held by person who caused this damage.
  5. The manager of the Venue should be immediately aware about any accidents or material damages.
  6. The Attendee may be exposed to continuous sound intensity zone which may cause hearing damages and may be exposed to too powerful lights. The persons suffering from illnesses, which symptoms may get worse by these stimulis, the decision of participate on Event to take for own risk and may not make any claims against the Organizer.

§ 5 Final Provisions

  1. These Regulations are available at the entrance to the Venue.
  2. These Regulations are subject to change without the need to inform about reasons. Each new set of provisions of these Regulations replaces previous version, making it invalidated.
  3. If any objects, belonging to another person, will be found on the Venue area, it should be delivered to security services or the Venue’s employees.
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