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People with disabilities

People with disabilities

Regarding many enquires related to the possibility of people with disabilities's participation in events taking place in the Stodola club, we would like to inform you that there are no contraindications for these people to participate in the abovementioned events.

We want to emphasize that for many years of Stodola Club activity, we have always supported people with disabilities, in terms of activities that directly affect their lives, as well as indirectly - making sure that they are aware that this club is designed for them, just like for any other fan music.

In this statement we would like to emphasize that there has never been, there are not currently and there will be no restrictions or limits for the participation of people with disabilities at events organized by Klub Stodola. At the same time, due to the construction nature of the building, there are no technical facilitations for people with disabilities. Nevertheless, we always try to make up for these shortcomings with the special care of our team. That is why for many years we have been offering people on wheelchairs or people with reduced mobility a place on the balcony, where tickets for people without reduced mobility are also sold. This means that each person with disabilities can participate in the concert both in the main hall and on the balcony, paying the same basic ticket price. Most people with disabilities choose the balcony places, due to the high convenience of the solution - above all, greater space and visibility.

Existing architectural barriers are overcome by employees of the security service, who bring the wheelchairs to the first floor and bearing  people with disabilities after the event. An exception of this situation are the electric wheelchairs due to their weight which excludes taking them up the stairs to the first floor. Of course, people using electric wheelchairs can participate in the concert in the main hall.

We hope that our precise statement regarding this matter will be positively received by You. At the same time, in order to improve communication in the future and clarify all ambiguities in this matter, we have launched the contact address kontakt@ticketclub.pl, to which you can send all queries that are still unclear after reading this statement.

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