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DEAD SOUL as GHOST support!

DEAD SOUL as GHOST support!

Publication date: 8 March 2016
May 30th

Live Nation and club Stodoła proudly present:

DEAD SOUL as Ghost support
May 30, club Stodoła, Warsaw

Every once in a while it becomes very obvious what's needed to create something new and exciting is a collision of two different worlds. In the case of Swedish duo DEAD SOUL it is the unholy alliance of the rough and unpolished delta blues of Anders Landelius and the electronic music of Niels Nielsen, creating a unique, dark rock sound that one could describe as industrial doom blues. Think NICK CAVE meets NINE INCH NAILS meets JOHNNY CASH and you might get an idea of what is awaiting you.
Come and see how they gonna made the crowd excited before Ghost.

Tickets available on www.LiveNation.pl & www.stodola.pl

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