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LUCKY CHOPS will perform live on May 6 at Stodoła Club.

LUCKY CHOPS will perform live on May 6 at Stodoła Club.

Publication date: 19 February 2016
6th May

If you think that brass bands are boring, you probably don’t know Lucky Chops yet!
The band from New York stole the hearts of millions of YouTube users around the world. Together this group of six talented individuals has created a unique sound and energy which has resonated worldwide with viral success.

The band started out performing on the streets of New York and in small venues around the city. After years of exploring a variety of musical directions and styles, the band realized that they had created something so powerful that it needed to be pursued at all costs. Thus was born the idea of concerts in the most energetic and variable in the world: New York subway!

Very quickly the band grew a legion of followers from their performances in the subway, but it was one tourist from South America who posted a cell phone video of the band in March of 2015 that changed everything. Within days of the posting, millions of people had viewed the video and the numbers began to explode. Life of six musicians from Lucky Chops changed forever...

Heading into 2016 with a rabid fan base and over 40 MILLION views on all their videos in tow, Lucky Chops is setting out to show the world city by city, country by country, and video by video, the pure magic that happens each and every time they get together. They will perform live on May 6 in Warsaw, at Stodoła Club.

Tickets at  the price of 70 PLN go on sale February 22 at 10:00 via www.Stodola.pl and www.LiveNation.pl.

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