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Master Gottlieb as Luxtorpeda support.

Master Gottlieb as Luxtorpeda support.

Publication date: 15 March 2016
April 2nd

Master Gottlieb was found in spring 2015 by Michael Schneeberger (guitar), Hannes Gruber (drums), Alfred Bilek (bass) and Barbara Jungreithmeier (vocals) in Hainfeld (Lower Austria). The cousins Schneeberger and Gruber grew up together and formerly played in different rock and heavy-music projects ever since they were kids. The Bassist, Bilek, joined them a couple of years ago and was also part in one of their projects, bringing a smooth and rational bass sound with him. The soul influenced young female singer Barbara Jungreithmeier joined them in summer 2014 to record a couple of demos with them. From that moment on they started writing songs together and had their first shows in spring 2015.
Master Gottlieb, straight from the woods, deep in your heart, dull guitars and soul in your ears.





49 pln, 69 pln

available at:
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www.stodola.pl, www.ebilet.pl, www.eventim.pl, www.ticketpro.pl, www.biletyna.pl, www.biletomat.pl

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