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Publication date: 11 August 2015
November 11th


The Sixxis, Lion Shepherd

Riverside is a rock band from Warsaw, Poland. It was founded in 2001 by friends Mariusz Duda, Piotr Grudziński, Piotr Kozieradzki and Jacek Melnicki, who shared a love for progressive rock and heavy metal. Riverside can be described as a blend of atmospheric rock and metal elements, resulting in a sound similar to that of Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree,The Mars Volta, Opeth, Dream Theater, and Tool, while still maintaining an identity of their own.

Following their 2003 debut Out of Myself and the success that followed in 2004, the band began working on an EP entitled Voices In My Head which was at first a release exclusive to Poland through the label Mystic Production. The quartet from Poland performed their first foreign gig at the Progpower festival in the Dutch city of Baarlo. The band were taken in by major prog label InsideOut, releasing Second Life Syndrome in late October 2005. The album was a massive success, expanding the scope of the band's reach even further than Out of Myself. In 2006, Voices In My Head, the EP originally released in Poland only, was re-released under the InsideOut label, now revamped with the inclusion of three high quality live tracks off the Out of Myself album. In addition, the band played their first overseas show at NEARfest in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on 24 June 2006.
In October 2007, the band released the album Rapid Eye Movement, once again under the InsideOut label. The European release had the standard nine tracks but the American release saw two versions of the album. Before the release, the band toured in support for Dream Theater on the European leg of their tour, exposing them to even more potential fans.
The quartet's next album was Anno Domini High Definition.  Mariusz Duda had the following to say about the album on 27 January 2009: We have gone from Warsaw, we have changed the studio and the producer. We care deeply about creating a coherent record and that is why most probably there are only going to be five songs on it. The material will be energetic, multifarious, and - I hope so - very good for live performances. It will be a story about liquid modernity, life in a constant hurry, stress and anxiety about the future. A picture of our times in 1920 x 1080 definition.
The record was released in Poland by Mystic Production on 15 June 2009. Anno Domini High Definition became the bestselling album in Poland during its second week on the charts, following a debut at sixth place. The album was released on 6 June in the rest of Europe and on 28 July in North America.
In January 2013, Riverside released their fifth full-length album, Shrine of New Generation Slaves and now we are waiting for the sixth full-length album, Love, Fear and the Time Machine, which is scheduled to be released at the beginning of September 2015.

Presale – 50 pln (standing), 70 pln (balcony)
From 21st October – 60 pln (standing), 80 pln (balcony)

Tickets available at Stodoła box office (Batorego 10, Warsaw)
Internet sales: www.stodola.pl, www.ebilet.pl, www.eventim.pl, www.ticketpro.pl

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